Dewy Fresh


7 thoughts on “Dewy Fresh

    • Nice daisies.. Kinda cute. I always like these flowers 🙂

      Re:@DI I would say in addition to top 3 flowers, rest of flowers other than center 3 should have been blurred too.
      Sakhi, if you had held camera a bit lower than this (probably lying on the ground or supporting camera on elbows instead of sitting on knees and bending towards the flowers) would have achieved a different perspective entirely.. why don’t you try that?

      Your new lens looks sharp. Have you found its sweet spot yet? This photo is taken at 300mm and still looks really good n sharp. I wonder how sharp it is at lower focal lengths.

      • Now that you know that this is taken at 300 mm, you could also guess that i was quite far to be lying on my tummy to take this shot!! 😐

        But I appreciate your tips and yes I am enjoying my new lens 🙂

  1. Thanks for your appreciation 🙂 And let’s see how you feel about your camera now… did you try “vivid” option? and also “fine” quality? see if you like that 🙂

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