Dodda Alada Mara

We recently visited this awe-aspiring place near Bangalore – “Dodda Alad Mara”, which literally means “Big Banyan Tree”. And was it BIG?? Nope, it was humongous to say the least! It covered 3 acres of land and was so impossible to make out where was the stem and where were its branch roots. The whole park was just ONE banyan tree. No wonder it’s India’s national tree. Such big banyan trees are also there at Kolkata and Gujarat (Kabirvad). Some are outside India too.

You can see Swaps take on Big Banyan Tree over here and another one that is near Mysore over here. If you are in Bangalore, don’t miss to see this place. It can be a weekend get away too.


10 thoughts on “Dodda Alada Mara

  1. Yeah I have seen the one in kolkata and that too is humegous.

    Did not even know about these in Bangalore or mysore otherwise would have visited for sure….

    Lovely pic.

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