Waspy wasp

These days I am fascinated with “Macro” mode on my mobile camera (this cell phone I am using since eones!!!). This beautiful little wasp came and rested on my travel bag and I couldn’t resist to capture it on my mobile. Then, there occured a childish wish to play around with this pic, it helped me with my lousy mood too. I used picnik (not for the first time but definitely after a long long time!) and enjoyed goofing around. Though, here you cannot see much of “goofing” but trust me, it was fun to make this wasp look “this” and “that” and then something else altogether…

P.S. Anshul says this is a moth and not a wasp, since I am not good at identifying the insect, I will go with Anshul… Thanks buddy! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Waspy wasp

    • I hardly use my cell phone for other than calling people or texting, but sometimes I just have an urge to capture something nice and then it comes handy and then I realised that it ALSO has other modes… hee hee… and here I am 🙂

    • This little thing came and settled on the bad and came all the way wherever I took the trolley… when I realised it won’t fly away, I thought it is better I grab this opportunity, and so I did! 😀 😀

    • Yeah, that’s true but it is equally true that only the equipments do not matter… even with the saddest of the cameras we can click good pictures 🙂 I am sure Suda is going to vouch for that… 🙂

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