Rocks and reverence


10 thoughts on “Rocks and reverence

  1. How neat! I have always wondered why they take so much pain to construct temples on rocks and mountains! But they do look majestic on the top! BTW, I have bought a new Olympus Digital Camera – Some competition coming your way! 😀

    • Arey wah! Congratulations… and I am waiting to see your clicks. I am sure they would be something! Plus it will help you to put your own pics in your autobiography! 😀 😀

  2. Were you standing on a higher level while taking this picture? It looks good! You have covered a large area!

    Now, we are guaranteed that D.I.’s face will be on the cover of his autobiography in 4-5 years?!

    • Yeah Sandhya, I was at a higher platform so I could cover a larger area 🙂

      And yeah, definitely we can expect DI’s face on his autobiography real soon (he might take a self portrait 😉 )!! 😀

    • Yes, you did comment and I had replied to it too… it’s not showing here coz u clicked on the picture directly and have commented there. You can do that again and you will be able to see comments 🙂

      And I am really glad you liked this pic 🙂

  3. nice picture good photography.and this type of temple are all our Indian culture, treasure,wonder more and more so don’t make to spoil this .

    your friend……. NR

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