Panorama 2

Just like Panorama (previous post), this picture is also a stitched one. It is made of four different snaps taken from a single point with different views and then made into one. I haven’t cropped the edges intentionally. These pictures were shot by cub, could not capture Kanan Devan Valley beauty in one shot so resorted to this technique. Isn’t it a beauty?! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Panorama 2

  1. The view is quite good, well captured. Looks unusual with the black portions not cropped out. You should crop the image & then see if that one looks better or this one. I think cropped one would look better as black portions wont draw attention. 🙂

    • yeah, as I told you, I need a better software… this one decreases the size substantially. We will check it out sometime (when you have some time!) 🙂

    • some software… will let you know when i get a better one. This isn’t good in a sense that it decreases the size substantially…

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