Gifted reflection

This lovely mirror bought from Jaipur was gifted to me by my lovely friend, Anubha. She sent this by a courier and I was ecstatic when I received it. She also sent this handmade card to me and reflection of that card can be seen in the mirror here.

More pictures of this mirror are seen here.

Thanks, Anu! *HUGS*




10 thoughts on “Gifted reflection

  1. Intriguing angle, I almost wish you had not explained it. Please look at my photo/art blog at minimarty and see if my images do so for you, as well. Namaste.

  2. make a wish that horse could come to lifeand give wings to fantasies. i am reminded of those indian caricatures in fable lore books from the childrens book trust of india. sakhi i have started clicking too .u can see my recent one on jdea2008 on flickr. more to come. keep in yamuna is still to overflow but delhi is already sunk. bye

    • Hope u know how to swim to get out of already sunk delhi! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

      Will definitely check out your photostream as soon as i log on to flickr πŸ™‚

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