This is the view from Patang Hotel in Ahmedabad. This is the only one of the few revolving hotels in India. It takes about one and half hours to complete the full circle. It’s fun! 😀


21 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. @Sakhi
    Was in Ahmedabad on this Sunday. And due to this pic of yours, I tried finding the restaurant too.
    But ‘Gods of Time’ didn’t favor me. I cudn’t reach the spot. 😦

  2. oh dev! Next time 🙂 but you do visit it and also vishala… its worth visiting 🙂 next time you ask me the places before you go around in ahmedabad 🙂

  3. arrey wah!! awesome!

    and now teach me how do we add the watermark on the photo? I know how to make it photo by photo but not in batch?

  4. @ sahaja even i don’t know that 🙂

    @ 25 i like to visit mumbai and delhi but not to stay there but i DO like ahmedabad but then i am biased since its my hometown 🙂

  5. is that passion
    distilled into a cut glass.
    the inversion of
    achievment ,
    to be shaken ,smacked
    and gulped with a little
    tsunami in the head…….

    tell me the make of your camera . i am planning to buy one. give me suggestions too. hope u are fine. from your pictures i get the answer though.


    • hi jay, sorry that i couldnt reply earlier. i use sone DSC-W80 but DON’T buy it. Its not very good. Canon is anytime better,both in P&S and DSLR range

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