Was listening to this song while working on this post. Enjoy! 🙂 This awesome song was sent to me by SWAPS. Thanks buddy! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Dawn

  1. Hi Sakhi

    Very beautiful pic.

    Something strange has happened when i click on “About” from the top, it does not show me anything, is it the same with you or are you working upon it?

    • hi Satinder… welcome to my world of hues and shades.

      You did not find anything on About page because I haven’t written anything there. In fact I don’t know what to write, so have left it blank 🙂

  2. Ah!! beautiful morning to wake up to,isnt it? And the music sets you in the mood too. I love arabic music.It has its own rhythm and peppiness.You autimatically start grooving to it 🙂

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