Dusk - Anshul

This mood of evening is captured by a very dear friend of mine. Thank you Anshul for lending me the pic. 🙂

Was listening to this song while working on this post 🙂 enjoy!


20 thoughts on “Dusk!

  1. Nice, love the golden orangish sky!

    There are times when I don’t like the Monotone theme & this is 1 instance – the photo would’ve looked a whole lot better if the background had been white or black or grey – this colour matching of background just sort of ruins the photo’s beauty!! 😦

    • Arey when i put the photo without the border, it looked even hopeless. Such good pic was ruined due to the background. So i HAD to put the border.

      • If you remember, I suggested you to use border just because of that because that earlier photo of yours was getting blended with the background & not looking good. 🙂 The border on the photo here also saves some grace but the background colour here is too strong which is what I said sucks about Monotone theme!

  2. hmmm lovely pic. You know I just discovered the raw format in my slr. I went to a short class on photography basics. Next time, I’m clicking a picture in RAW, I’ll send it to you to work on it 🙂

    • But swaps these towers are inevitable in todays’ life. They are part and parcel of civilization we stay in. And its due to them, I can call you in the middle of the night if I want to!

      We really can’t do without them… at least not till we find something to replace them with 🙂

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