This weaver bird nests were captured at THOR, a bird sanctuary about 35 kms from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

It is a Bird sanctuary covering 7 Sq. km area that came into existence in 1912. There is a lake in the centre of the sanctuary which is also the main attraction apart from birds and trees. There are small marshes at the edges of the lake and some scrub forest on the sides of the high embankments

Mainly Great White Pelicans, Flamingos, Variety of Waterfowl including Mallards, Greylag geese, Sarus as well as flycatchers are prominently found in the sanctuary from october end to january end. Best time to explore the beauty is around sunrise.

This sanctuary is worth watching if you have any plans to visit Gujarat/Ahmedabad.


This was playing while I was working on this post, a song from movie Gharonda.


33 thoughts on “Gharonda

  1. How do you mean ‘captured’. Were they captured and destroyed? I hope not. How silly of me, you meant ‘shot’, like taking a picture. It is a great picture actually. And thanks for your nice welcome comment!


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