Dew and Web

Dew and Web


27 thoughts on “Dew and Web

  1. sakhi,
    i would love to be friends with you. ur passion for light and shade , the dance of life and trance as a way of life makes in me a strange but welcome vibe with u. i am preparing to get a camera to give vent to my poetic sensitivities and ur guidance and friendship would be supportive. which camera was used in this. tell me more about u and ur work and life. i have a wordpress blog ‘’ in which i have slowly started gathering my creative works. i read an earlier blog of yours- its shokhiyon me ghola( not dhola) jayen phoolon ka shabab(hope u will communicate to that monkey too. keep in touch.

    • 🙂 Welcome to my world, jayadevan…

      I use Sony DSC-W80. Its not a very sophisticated camera but okay for me!

      About, “shokhiyon mein dooba…”, I too missed it!!

      “shokhiyon mein gholaa jaaye fulon kaa shabaab us mein fir milaaee jaaye thodeesee sharaab hogaa yoon nashaa jo taiyyaar wo pyaar hain…” Lataji and Kishor Kumar are great 🙂

      If you are interested do listen to it over here

      Keep visiting 🙂

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