Panchhi banoon udti phiroon mast gagan mein, aaj mein aazaad hoon duniya ke chaman mein...

15 thoughts on “Freedom…

    • Freedom to do what one likes, without any chains… chains of relationships, chains or responsibilities, even chains of love…

      • But the birds do have chains of responsibility to their kids, just like humans have, its just that birds have that for short duration as their lives are also comparitively shorter than humans. 🙂 So they do have chains of relationships, love & responsibilities! 😉 Though one shouldn’t let these over-power & control our lives but without these I think lives would be meaningless, but then thats just my PoV. 🙂

  1. When i posted this pic with the caption of freedom, i didn’t mean it to be complete freedom tol the point of being anti-social.

    If you see indian females lives, they are chained in a variety of responsibiities which nature has not bestowed upon them, but society has! And their lives do get over-powered by these responsibilities 🙂 So this “freedom” is suppose to be a “wishful thinking” by a “female” to be on her own… even if its just for a while 🙂 🙂

    And I do agree to meaninglessness of our lives without love and sense of belonging… but this should come from within and not dumped upon 🙂

  2. i dont think an anthem is funny enough to say hee hee. any how as sakhi is saying so i wil take it with a pinch of sense of humour.but i guess to call it an anthem would be like saying that sakhi has a lot of uncommon sense. just joking……one of my favourites is from prem pujari..i am not sure of the lyrics it goes like this perhaps. shokhiyon me dooba jaaye phoolon ka shabab , aur usme daala jaaye thodi sharaab ,nasha jo ho jaaye thaiyaar wo pyaar hai……..have u heard this?

    • “shokhiyon mein gholaa jaaye fulon kaa shabaab, us mein fir milaaee jaaye thodeesee sharaab, hogaa yoon nashaa jo taiyyaar wo pyaar hain …” yeah i have heard it and i think it is sung by Lataji and she is simply superb in it and so is Kishorji! 🙂

      If you are interested do listen to it over here

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