Molten Gold!

Molten gold


Sony DSC-W80

Focal length: 17.4 mm



ISO: 125


13 thoughts on “Molten Gold!

  1. Hi Sakhi!

    Wow! Such a nice photo blog 🙂 What a change since my hiatus from blogging. A beautiful change 🙂 And you are a great photographer, thanks for visiting my blog with such comforting words of encouragement. Truly need it now, more than ever 🙂

    • Next time, sit down and take shoot the same scene again. I mean next time whenever you go to a plane landscape. A little change in perspective makes difference. You will have two different photos of same spot if you are careful enough 😉

  2. This picture looks good, even though it is simple. I think the camera also makes the difference. I take pictures with my cellphone, maybe once in a year, and see the photo in the screen and decide not to take any more for the next one year!!

    Destination Infinity

  3. My favourite. Someone wise said that the sea is the ultimate expression of freedom. I adore the sea.

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